About me

I ́m a graphic designer and illustrator, resident of the Palma de Mallorca Island. When i started with design i immediately realized it was my thing. My restless character and my attitude of continuous search always keep me investigating new ways to communicate. Knowledge is never too much and I take that literally.

I don ́t have a defined style, I like to try all types of techniques and have the greatest knowledge and possible approaches to every job.

8 years as a professional and coming a long way. Improving day after day working with great professionals of the design world in places such as Vietnam, China or Argentine, settle a solid base of experiences.

Creating a social link with the client is something I bear in mind. A satisfied client reports endless positive synchronies that return in the form of more work.



Atypica Magazine | Argentina
Semipermanent Book 2009 / 2010 | Design is Kinky
A homage to Typography | IndexBook
Stationary design now! | Taschen
Cupatges wine magazine | Barcelona
1000 Fonts | Chronicle Books
Illustration Served | NYC
Evasee | Spain
Gutenver.tv | México
Digital Abstracts | USA



Thisisnotagallery | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Trimarchidg | Mar del Plata, Argentina
Core Labs | Beijing
UCCA | Art District 798, Beijing
Instituto Cervantes | Beijing
Siglo XXII | Madrid
Piel de Gallina | Mallorca
Behance Network | Mallorca










All works © Alberto Ojeda. 2014.