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Our dear friend Mike Udaondo, aka Evasèe, is a Spanish graphic designer and globetrotter who has lived and worked in places such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Düsseldorf, and Madrid. He is the owner of a well-known blog on trends and design called EVASÈE.COM.

Mike got in touch with the studio because he had a delightful internal website project on his hands. It would send out an interview by regular post, to be filled in by talent in all kinds of domains (music, design, art…), allowing the recipient to give free rein to their creativity.

In collaboration with other experts in the world of design and programming, Mike proposed we do the graphic design for the envelope containing this interview.

What seemed to us most fitting was to create a whole range of logos and lettering art for decorating the envelope with. Everything has been planned out for adorning it by hand with stamps/seals, thus complementing the handmade touch the surveys’ layout already had.

Brand Design: Montalban Studio

Brand Printing: El Calotipo

Website: De Ramos & Serch


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