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Garito Café, the mythical café / restaurant / club, located in Dàrsena de Can Barbara of the Paseo Marítimo of Palma de Mallorca opened its doors in 1978. It has rained a lot ever since. In 1998 a new direction headed by Nacho Velasco made a 180 turn,  turning it into a bar restaurant and club known internationally where the greatest DJs in the world meet up such as : Pepe Badrock, Llorca, Alexkid, Jazzanova, Markus Enochson, Nigel Hayes, Teddy G, Mad Mats, James Welsh and a long etcetera prolonged to the infinite.

For the occasion, Nacho Velasco, owner of Garito Café and Mad Mats, as well as owner of well-known House music record label Local Talk, entrusted us with the graphic design of the digipack recounting the marvelous story of how they met.
Many years ago, this friendship shaped what would be a to and fro of collaborations, musical encounters, and sonic flirtations that we just had to embody in the design to accompany the 15 tracks produced by world-famous artists like: HNNY, Dirtytwo, Kyodai, Bassfort, Sasse, Fred Everything, and many more.

Given that the premises of Garito Café / Bar / Club have a truly vintage aesthetic, we decided to continue that visual line, and to apply it to the design of the CD digipack.

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Graphic Design: Jose Palma