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The hotel and family group Cabau contracted with us to lead our art direction and create all the branding elements for a dream project: the Hotel Glòria de Sant Jaume.

A unique and singular hotel situated at 18 Sant Jaume St., each of its 14 guest rooms has exclusive and emblematic details and designs.
During the long remodeling process, they attempted to maintain all the original elements of the majestic Mallorcan manor, meticulously restoring the hydraulic floors, doors, stained glass windows, ornamental ceilings, wooden rafters, etc. in order to respect and preserve to the fullest the authenticity of this stately house.
Mallorcan design and craftsmanship employing fine materials of the highest quality, such as marble and wood worked by master artisans, and combining it with designer furniture, advanced technology, and home automation and achieving, in turn, a highly energetic and ecological essence adapted to modern needs.

The relaxed and informal environment, yet still with plenty of style, elegance, and refinement… A hallmark of unique identity with great respect for history, local business, and ecology.

Creativity and individuality were key factors when it comes to facing a project like this. We were looking for excellence in graphic design, corporate image, and impression making. This project that took six months was a huge challenge and pleasure, beginning with the art direction and on to the signage, advertising, uniformity, packaging, web design complete with booking engine, restaurant logo design, restaurant menu design, large formatting, lettering, photography, etc…

One our best and most enjoyable projects.


  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Signage
  • Uniformity
  • Large Formatting
  • Branding
  • Photography